Building a greenhouse from scratch and scrap

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Using some scrap material, old sliding glass doors and windows, and as few purchased supplies as possible (cement blocks, wire cloth, 2x4s and roof tin), we built our second greenhouse in early November 2012. Now, in mid-February, the greenhouse provides more than enough greens for our heaping, twice-daily salads.

The finished greenhouse measures 15-1/2 by 5-1/2 feet along the south side of our house, actually attached to the rustic porch. (The porch was added onto the house by a previous owner, not a skilled carpenter.  So, please disregard the raggedy plywood exterior in the photos.  It’s only temporary.)

The greenhouse gets plenty of light by its southern exposure.  By building it onto the house, we used less materials and the greenhouse needs no electric heat source.  The temperature here in the Missouri Ozarks rarely gets below 0, but, on really cold nights, we set the pail of woodstove ashes in the greenhouse for extra warmth.

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