Different Uses for an Emergency Blanket

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The idea for the Mylar blanket originated with NASA. In 1964 the organization was looking for a material that would insulate, be lightweight and very efficient. They invented the Mylar blanket (aka space blanket) and it has since been used on virtually every space mission. The shiny blanket lined the bottom of the Apollo lunar lander vehicles and, as a tribute to its usefulness, is still used today in satellites, space stations and telescopes.

While the idea had many uses for space travel, the blanket has since found many uses for preparedness and emergencies. The blanket can be used during power outages, auto breakdowns, to collect water, create shelter and more. Check out these ideas below and be sure to add your own in the comment section.

Obviously you can use the emergency blanket to keep you warm. Mylar blankets retain 80-90% of your body heat and since they’re so compact, they fit easily in 72-hour kits and in your car’s emergency kit.

Sleeping Bag
You can use duct tape and an emergency blanket to make a toasty sleeping bag for a child. Simply fold the bag over and tape the edges together to create a sleeping bag. For adults, you’ll probably have to tape two blankets together. You can also use them as lining for an existing sleeping bag to retain more heat.

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